*creative title here* || Luke

     Anya sighed as she put her phone down to go get ready. She was still upset with Luke over what happened last night. She got up to go and get ready, she walked over to her closet. She put on a pair of skinny jeans and a black v-neck shirt. She then went in the bathroom and brushed her hair out then brushed her teeth. She grabbed a water out of the fridge and yelled “Princess, I’m going over to Luke’s. I’ll be back!”and walked out before she got a response
    She got in her car and started to drive over to Luke’s house. “What does he have to show me, does he not know what mad means?she said to herself. Hell at this point she didn’t know what mad meant, she was driving over to his house. She finally arrived and got out and started walking to his front door. She knocked on it and wait impatiently for him to open it. “He needs to hurry up.”she mumbled to herself.

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